Social Listening

ImageOne of the interesting topics that came across when talking about online marketing is social listening. It is a great tool to used for measuring success in real time social media. So what is social listening and how exactly does it work?. Social listening is how a marketer or business owner keeps track of what is said or discussed about their product or brand. The online world works wonderfully at delivering information to people everywhere and anywhere; so whenever people mention your brand or product in form or type of news, you will know about it using social listening tool. Although, it is easier said than done, to set up an effective social listening strategy that works is could be a challenge. Last year, one of a blogger from SocialMediaExaminer shared four great steps to create a social listening strategy

Step 1:  Determine your target audience. This step is so important because without identifying who are you market to, what they like, where they live and such, it is impossible to be successful reaching them. 

Step 2:  Identify the influencers. This does not mean that the more people you have on Facebook or the number of followers on  Twitter is better for your business. A study shows that only the type of peple are actually more important than the number of people itself. On average, only 1% of the site audience shares 20% of the brand’s content or links to others and approximately 6% of people generate 80% of impressions and only 13% of online adults generate 80% of influence posts (Forrester Research)

Step 3: Know the keywords and trends. This step is all about identifying potential keywords through different topics.

Step 4: Form a social business strategy. Last but not least, this step involves setting goals and implementations that your business will undertake in order to successfully do well.


Basically, social listening is an effective tool to help business understand what it is that people are talking about and their view and opinions on your brand or product/service innovations. If you are a business and you have customers, chances are that they are talking about your or your business.  From listening to these information, you can easily caters to their needs or desire.


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